Mar 17, 2012
By Gerald Rodl

The Samsung UN55D7000 is actually a 3D enabled tv developed for the 2011 year by Samsung. The Samsung UN55D7000 has 2D to 3D conversion capabilities, and it functions with Bluetooth 3D active shutter glasses. Extra functions contain Dolby digital sound; surround sound speakers, Web connectivity, a high aspect ratio, a dynamic contrast ratio, a wide screen display, a swivel base, and wall mounting properties. The UN55D7000 is slender, appealing, thin, and decently priced so that all consumers can appreciate 3D tv in their properties.

The Samsung UN55D7000 features a quite thin frame, a base, and it may be wall mounted. This set is crafted with mercury and lead free elements. The UN55D7000 has a 55 inch screen, a high gloss black housing, an appealing base, and touch of color capabilities. The bezel framework is thin and all connectivity choices are on the back of the set. This device is so slender it looks more like a painting than it does a tv set. It's wide, thin, and innovatively developed. The base has 4 legs in an X configuration if the user assembles it following acquire. The UN55D7000 features a base using a brief, swiveling neck too so the user can adjust the angle from the set for better viewing. The Samsung UN55D7000 is viewable with 3D active shutter glasses. The glasses are comprised of modest LCD screens: the glasses shift back and forth inside a shuttering sequence to create outstanding 3D effects. It is this shuttering that produces the illusion of viewing stereoscopic pictures.

The Samsung UN55D7000 has cost-free Skype capabilities in order that users can make Skype to Skype calls via the set to family members and buddies. The UN55D7000 has recording capabilities to ensure that the user can record all of their favored programming. Recorded programs can be stored to a removable USB drive. This set is equipped with Wide Color Enhancer Plus features that help to replicate colors, shadows, lines, and hues in true to life replications. This set has features that analyze each pixel ahead of it is then stretched to its 3-D limit. The UN55D7000 also lets you transfer your pictures, videos, and creations from your mobile device or your Computer via wireless applications. This set might be hooked as much as numerous individual computers also.

The Samsung UN55D7000 is Power Star Complaint and it's environmentally friendly. The body with the set is made of fewer toxic supplies than those supplies found in its predecessors. When in comparison to earlier models, this device also uses fifty percent much less power during operation. The latter details are crucial to the environmentally conscious who need to leave a tiny carbon footprint and conserve energy when watching tv entertainment. The UN55D7000 has a revolutionary MegaContrast lighting system for correct to life color generation. This set delivers pristine whites, deep blacks, along with a rainbow of hues in amazing color.

The Samsung UN55D7000 comes with Advanced Color Processing Technology so image presentations are vivid, bold, bright, and brazen. The UN55D7000 has Automation technologies to ensure that even fast action scenes are viewed with pristine clarity and without having skipping or juddering. The Samsung UN55D7000 is also exceptional since it gives 2D to 3D conversion attributes.

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